Security Orchestration Automation and Responce

 What is SOAR (Security Orchestration Automation and Responce)? We can translate it as "Security orchestration, automation and incident response" in Turkish. SOAR is a set of systems developed to collect, organize, standardize and automate security data sent from many different sources. As a result of the increase in the data collected on the network against ever-increasing threats, it becomes difficult to organize and report the different and large data obtained. In the face of the increase in the variety and amount of SOAR data, it provides an increase in threat response capabilities and facilitates business processes. NOC and SOC teams with 10 or more employees need to use SOAR as well as SIEM. Two important definitions within the concept of SOAR are automation and orchestration. Automation is the quick and error-free execution of the manual processes in the automation environment, while orchestration is the operation and integration of different security applications and